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march, heathen

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Name:March, Heathen
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Long ago, the Night and Day were siblings. They existed peacefully, working together to bring about a flourishing world for all of their subjects. Legends tell of a world of old, a world of color-of grass and oceans, of snow and ice. All of it's gone now. A fight between the gods left the world scorched and humanity divided. Nocta, the goddess of the night, is no more and all her followers have been banished. Orphoros, King of the Day and creator of the holy city of Oramos, is all that's left. So it's been for centuries.

But times can change and threats can surface. A rumor lingers and a threat emerges. The Nalani-the leftover of Nocta's believers-are leading a resurgence. Oramos and it's army has no choice but to strike back. Forces are gathering, generals are making plans-And then you show up. In a tunnel. With no one knowing who or what you are nor where you came from. Suspicion runs high wherever you walk and your mere presence causes strife within the streets. It doesn't take long for the government and it's god to figure out what to do with you.

They tell you that your way home is on the other side of the battlefield and then stuff your arms with cloth. Uniforms. Welcome to the army, soldier.
GAME NAME is a private, panfandom military-survival game set in medieval civilization's army as it launches an invasion across the desert. Information is scarce, the enemies are unclear but whoever these "Nalani" are, they've got the only way home. There is no tech, no magic, merely the strength of the gods, you, and the weapon you're carrying. Will you fall to the desert sands, or will you march past the enemy blades and return home? The choice is yours so keep up, soldier. It's time to march.


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